How to Report an Insurance Claim

Campus employees should report insurance claims within 24 hours. Any department or unit practices should also be followed.

Most Frequently Used Claim Forms

Claim Reporting Forms and Information

Auto Claim Reporting Form

Autos in Mexico

  • For autos in Mexico, first report the claim as soon as possible to the insurance company within 24 hours to ensure that the coverage is not voided

  • After reporting directly to the insurance, then report using the Auto Claim Reporting Form.


Cyber - Theft of computer with data or theft of information

Fine Art


  • Liability claim reporting is to be used if you believe that the university is responsible for your property damage or injury and you want to submit a claim for compensatory damages. Equity & Equal Protection has information about reporting an incident and/or making a complaint relating to discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, religion, disability, sex, gender, age and other protected identities.

Property Claim Reporting Form

Travel - see Instructions for filing Claims

Workers’ Compensation 

Alternative reporting for auto, property and liability claims only call 800-416-4029. Online claim reporting is usually easier and faster. 

If you have questions contact