Frequently Asked Questions

Updated August 9, 2020

I had to change my international trip due to the coronavirus outbreak. The ticket is non-refundable, can the travel insurance reimburse it?

The pandemic is no longer considered an unforeseen event as relates to insurance coverage. For more recently scheduled trips the Trip Interruption/Cancellation benefit will no longer apply to interruptions or cancellations resulting from the pandemic.  

The Out of Country Benefits provided under the travel insurance policy includes a Trip Interruption/Cancellation benefit as the result of an unforeseen event. Trip cancellation/interruption coverage is only provided for international travel and does not apply domestically. If the airline or travel provider refused to issue a refund or a travel credit or charges a penalty for changes to international destinations, travelers should submit their claim through the UC Travel Insurance Program. 

You can submit a claim to the travel insurance program by using the Trip Cancellation/Interruption Claim Form. You will need the following information for the claim form. Whether or not the claim is eligible for payment under the insurance program is determined by the insurance company.  
  • The Policyholder is the University of California.
  • Faculty and Staff Business Travel Accident
    Policy Number ADD N04223810 - UHCG ID Number 363381
  • Student Off-Campus Accident
    Policy Number ADD N04223822 - UHCG ID Number 363391  
  • Instructions for submitting the claim are at the top of the form.

Financial Affairs offers information about reimbursement for travel impacted by COVID-19.

Who is eligible for travel benefits provided by the UC travel insurance coverage? 
    • Regents, faculty, staff, or any person designated by UC while traveling at the direction and approval of UC. Coverage can also be provided to a spouse/domestic partner, dependent(s), and traveling companions when traveling with them.
    • Students can also be covered while participating in UC sponsored and supervised off-campus activities both domestically and abroad.
    • Register your business travel and personal travel
What is covered by the UC travel insurance?

The benefit summaries provide a concise overview of coverage, see the Business Travel Benefits Summary Effective June 1, 2019 and Student Off Campus Benefit Summary Effective June 1, 2019. 

Can I take my trip? 

Non-essential business travel remains prohibited. Decisions regarding what is considered essential travel are made by Principal Officers. It is important that employees register their travel plans with the UC Travel Insurance Program in order to ensure appropriate travel coverage. Additionally all travelers, including those traveling for personal purposes, must follow the CDC’s guidance for returning from international travel. - This information is accurate as of August 7, 2020 from the UCSC COVID-19 Resumption Plan (page 12).

  • Check the UCSC COVID-19 Resumption Plan for the most current information about travel restrictions for business travel. 
  • President Napolitano has issued a series of letters to chancellors with guidance and directives regarding non-essential travel. Find the directives and guidance at UCnetThe directives include a requirement to avoid all non-essential, University-related travel to CDC Level 2 (sustained community transmission) Travel Health Notice countries, in addition to Level 3 (widespread sustained transmission) – Travel Health Notice countries. See the CDC Travel Health Notices for the list of countries included in the Health Notices.