2020 Marathon in a Month Winners

Congratulations to Deana Tanguay, our first place winner, who logged 173.1 miles and 6.607 marathons, and to our raffle prize winner Amber Parker, who logged 45.33 miles and 1.73 marathons! They have both won Fitbits that were donated by Kaiser. Collectively, Marathon in a Month participants logged 3,028 miles and 116 marathons! 

Stay tuned for our 2021 Challenge Dates! 

Past Marathon in a Month Winners

In 2019, the Marathon in a Month Challenge concluded with a total of 3,044 miles, equaling just over 116 collective marathons!

First Place Winner Second Place Winner Third Place Winner Raffle Winner
Thea Egelhofer, 1st place with 159.5 miles Amber Burke, 2nd place with 154.93 miles  Colette Grey, 3rd place with 143.3 miles Jessica Barron, raffle winner with 45.1 miles


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