UC Certificate of Self-Insurance

The University of California Certificate of Self-Insurance Coverage provides evidence of financial responsibility and is often required by a contract

Prior to providing a certificate, make certain that any agreement or contract has been properly reviewed and signed. Agreements and contracts need to be in compliance with the Regents Standing Order 100.4(dd)(9). The following offices can help with agreements and contracts:

  • If seeking a certificate related to a procurement of a good or service, contact your Procurement Team or enter a CruzBuy requisition requesting the certificate.
  • If seeking a certificate related to land use or land access, first contact the Real Estate Office for assistance with the agreement or contract. 
  • If seeking a certificate related to sponsored projects, first contact your Contracts and Grants Officer.

After the contract or agreement has been properly reviewed and signed by one of these offices, then the certificate can be forwarded to the requesting party.

If you have any questions contact propertycasualty@ucsc.edu or call us at 831-459-5154 or 831-459-1458.