Property Claims

To help ensure maximum recovery from the insurance, retain and preserve evidence. Do not discard anything that may indicate what caused the loss and do not discard damaged property until the claims examiner has an opportunity to examine the property. Report the claim to the university's third party claims administrator by using the online Property Claim Reporting form or by calling 800-416-4029 promptly and make sure that EH&S is notified of all water losses. Contact Risk Services at or call 831-459-1458 or 831-459-5154 if you need help.

Roles and Responsibilities 

Risk Services facilitates communication with the university's third party claims administrator and campus units. Risk Services also coordinates claims by connecting campus units and departments with claims examiners, attorneys and others as needed. Risk Services provides funding information to the claims examiner. UCSC Accounting has defined special funds for claims and the affected unit supplies the org code to Risk Services.

Physical Plant and Physical Planning and Construction will work with affected units to get clean-up and restoration work performed when the loss involves campus facilities. As a courtesy to the affected unit, Physical Plant might submit information about facility repairs directly to the claims examiner.

The university's third party claims administrator is responsible for determining whether there is coverage for the loss and managing the claims process. They are also responsible for valuing the loss according to the insurance terms and conditions. 

Affected units need to work directly with the university's third party claims administrator to substantiate the claim. This can include (but is not limited to) - answering questions about the loss and property; submitting documentation to show proof of ownership by university; submitting documentation showing replacement cost of property. Affected units also need to cooperate in the investigation of the claim and make both property and personnel available to the claims examiner.  

How to Make the Claim Process Easier

Information Gathering & Preservation

  • Take notes about what happened before, during and after the loss
  • Take photographs/digital images to document damage
  • Gather any witness information (name, phone number, email)
  • Retain damaged parts and equipment (within reason – ask for guidance as needed)
  • Don't discard anything that may indicate what caused the loss 

Communication & Organization

  • Respond to the claims examiners requests for information
  • If any communication is not clear then ask for clarification from the claims examiner as soon as possible
  • Never assume that coverage questions or questions about damages are resolved until confirmation is received from the claims examiner
  • Keep track of work order and project numbers to make collection of information easier later
  • For large or complex losses, use spreadsheets to organize and track information
  • Forward the org code that you want to be reimbursed to Risk Services
  • Always include the claim number when communicating about a claim
  • Ask for help from Risk Services as needed

Claim Payments 

  • The campus unit makes decisions about whether to repair, replace or otherwise handle university property under the control of the unit. However, any insurance payment will depend on the terms and conditions of the insurance program. If your decision about how to recover from the loss will be influenced by the insurance payment, then be sure that the you understand 1) if there is coverage for the loss, 2) if the claim file will pay for repair or replacement, 3) what method the claims examiner will use to determine how much will be paid, 4) any timeliness requirements. 
  • Insurance payments are typically handled on a reimbursement basis. Don't expect the claims examiner to pay suppliers directly.

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