To report all claims - except Workers' Compensation - call 800-416-4029.

Insurance claims need to be submitted to Sedgwick, the university's Third Party Administrator for claims at 800-416-4029. Claims are typically submitted by the unit whose property is damaged. Claims should be reported telephonically within 24 hours of the incident or loss. Incidents should also be reported to supervisors and to law enforcement as necessary. After a claim is submitted, campus units should work directly with Sedgwick. 

  • Fine Arts Claims -in addition to telephonic claims reporting. The claim form must be submitted to the insurance broker as soon as possible and no later than 60 days after the loss. Also forward a copy of the claim form to Risk Services. Delay in submitting a claim could affect coverage. 
  • Auto Claims - the driver of a vehicle is responsible for reporting all incidents or accidents. In the case of parked vehicles (hit and run, vandalism and theft), then the employee primarily responsible for the vehicle is responsible for reporting the claim. Also report claims involving university vehicles to Fleet Services at 831-459-2228.
  • Property Claims - include damage to buildings, equipment, computers, etc. and theft of university property. If you have a critical situation, involving continuing damage to property, act quickly to control the situation. Do not let the claims process interfere but document the situation with photographs and notes to the extent possible. Retain any damaged equipment or infrastructure.
  • Auto and Property Claims - generally need to be resolved within 1 year; if the claim is not resolved within 1 year from the date of loss then the unit may lose their ability to recover from insurance.
  • General Liability Claims - claimants who believe that the university is responsible for their property damage or injury and want to present a claim should also report a claim telephonically.
  • Other Insurance Claims - see information within Programs (on the left navigation) for the specific type of insurance.