Equipment Maintenance Insurance

Office of the President Risk Services has chosen The Remi Group (Remi) to offer insurance for virtually all electronic equipment at a cost savings of approximately 25% over service contracts. When equipment is purchased, Remi can supply a quote for insurance to cover preventative maintenance and/or equipment breakdown. For existing equipment, they can provide a quote from either an existing or proposed service agreement or equipment information – manufacturer, model number, etc.

If a unit decides to go with Remi, then payment is made to Remi for the insurance. Remi then pays for all covered expenses (parts, labor, travel, shipping) when maintenance or repairs are performed. The unit can set up an online account that gives them access to reporting tools to help track maintenance and breakdown issues as well as vendor performance. When preventative maintenance or repairs are needed, the unit calls the service provider; equipment is repaired or maintenance performed; vendor submits paperwork to Remi for payment; Remi reviews paperwork and resolves any issues then issues payment to vendor. 

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Equipment Not Covered

HVAC, Lift Equipment, Chillers, Elevators, Vehicles, Sterilization Equipment, Dish Washers, Cage Washers, Escalators, Boilers, Copy Machines. Although not comprehensive, these are the main categories of equipment not covered. Any equipment that is purchased can be reviewed for coverage under the Remi program. If not accepted into the program, then an explanation will be given.

Other Considerations

  • The UC Equipment Maintenance Insurance Program is not designed for Preventative Maintenance (PM)-only agreements. If you send a PM-only agreement for a quotation, you will receive a quotation for a full-service maintenance and repair plan.
  • The program is also not designed to work with software maintenance agreements, but most manufacturers will split up software and hardware maintenance services.

To Receive A Proposal

 Send copies of the following documentation to the Remi group - 

  • Copies of actual service contracts with current pricing and terms & conditions. This will allow The Remi Group to match the customized coverage you currently have on each piece of equipment and provide you with an accurate quote.
  • If you do not have current service contracts, please send a list of the equipment you would like quoted with the manufacturer and model numbers, item number, serial number, purchase number and location. 

The Remi Group will analyze your current service contracts and develop a customized proposal specifying equipment coverage and cost savings within 7-10 business days.

Contact Information

For Information, Quotes and Coverage Questions -
Adam Schuster
Business Development Manager
Mobile: 916-223-2510 
Fax: 704.887.2916   

For Adds/Deletes and Coverage Changes
Rebecca Nussbaum
Senior Account Services Representative
Direct: 704-602-0815
Fax: 704-887-2916 

For Repairs/Service
Dispatch Center 866-296-4847
Elizabeth Barnes
Service Center Supervisor
Direct: 704-840-1038
Fax: 866-388 9806 
If documents are sent directly to your facility, please retain a copy of the service report after the completion of a service call and forward the invoice and service report to the below, listed in order of preference:
Fax: 704-887-2916
The Remi GroupAttention: Claims Dept11325
North Community House Road Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28277