Personal Travel Insurance

This page has information about personal travel insurance. For information about travel insurance while on university business, visit the Travel Insurance Program page. 

The Office of President Office of Risk Services has worked with the university's travel insurance carrier, ACE USA, to develop a program that employees and students can purchase for personal travel. This program responds to medical emergencies when traveling outside your home country or country of permanent residence. It provides accident and sickness benefits, emergency medical and security evacuation, and other valuable travel assistance services. There are two plan options: 1) Blue Plan or 2) Gold Plan. The Gold Plan includes everything in the Blue Plan plus some additional benefits. There is also an option to increase the medical expense and AD&D limit. The employee/student is responsible for payment of the premium. This Travel Accident Protection Program for personal travel is available for university employees and students to purchase for themselves, their families and traveling companions. In order for each traveler to be covered, each traveler must enroll individually and pay their respective premium.

For more information go to the Office of the President Risk Services website, then scroll down and select “UC Personal Travel Program” to read a full description of the coverage, access the brochure and/or enroll. The Blue and Gold Travel Accident Protection Program is being offered as an option for employees and students to purchase on their own for personal travel. This program is not affiliated with any university provided employee benefit and the university is not making any recommendation. As with any commercial travel insurance you purchase, the traveler is responsible for paying the premium, arranging for any travel assistance services, and resolving any claim or coverage issues and disputes directly with the carrier. If you need assistance with the enrollment process, please contact the ACE USA Enrollment Services Department or 888-293-9229 Ext. 600.