Online Training for the Prevention of Abuse of Minors

Risk Services offers online courses that focus on prevention of abuse of minors. The courses are accessed through the UC Learning Center. 

  • Go to the UC Learning Center 
  • After log in, go to the Library in the upper left corner; the Library icon looks like books
  • Choose Risk Services and browse the courses
  • Find the CANRA Training for Mandated Reporters course by searching for "CANRA"

If you have any questions about the courses, please contact Risk Services.

Online Risk Assessment

The self-assessment tool gives managers and directors an accurate measure of the strength of existing policies and practices as well as a customized action plan including help with policies and procedures. For more information email Risk Services.

Management of Activities Involving Minors

Office of the President Risk Services offers guidance about management of youth activities, best practices for managing minors on campus and a checklist for best practices for minors on campus.

UC Policies

Minors in Laboratories and Shops includes a waiver for minors in laboratories and shops.

University Policy - Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect - CANRA - requires that employers of Mandated Reporters (as defined in the Act) promote identification and reporting of child abuse or neglect. It is the policy of the university to comply with its obligation under the Act.