Waivers, Workers’ Compensation and Volunteers

Every volunteer must sign one of the following two waivers and have it on file with the supervising unit before beginning volunteer service.

Please contact the Assistant Director Workers' Compensation in Risk Services at incident@ucsc.edu or call 831-459-1787 to discuss whether or not the activity qualifies as volunteer service under workers' compensation prior to offering the Volunteer Waiver and Election of Workers' Compensation Coverage form. 

  1. The recommended waiver for all UCSC volunteers is the Volunteer Waiver and Election of Workers’ Compensation Coverage; the volunteer is both electing workers' compensation and waiving other remedies, or
  2. A volunteer who does not want to accept workers’ compensation coverage must sign the General Use Waiver instead.

The supervising unit must retain the signed waiver for five years beyond the end of the term of volunteer service. 

Prior to offering volunteer opportunities to international scholars/visitors, please consult with your department or division.