At Home COVID-19 Test Kits

Department Request for Multiple Rapid Antigen Tests

Departments can request multiple rapid antigen test kits for their operations.  Please note this form is not for individuals requesting tests for personal use.  Individual tests can be obtained at either the Bay Tree Bookstore or the Barn Theater test site. 

The following is the department request procedure:

  • Complete the Department Rapid Antigen Test Pick Up Form, click on this form link.
  • Indicate the requested amount of test kits for your department operations.
  • Provide the intended use of the multiple test kit request.
  • Please allow up to two business days for the pick up to be available.

Individual Request for At-home COVID-19 Test Kit

Faculty, staff and students who are based out of remote facilities or who are not on campus during the open hours for the on-campus testing locations are eligible to receive an at-home COVID-19 test kit.

At-home testing is:

  • Available to unvaccinated individual students and unvaccinated individual employees once every 4 days.

  • Not available to students and employees who are entirely remote.
  • Not available to those who have access to COVID-19 testing on campus.

Results from your at-home COVID-19 test will be sent to you electronically, as well as to UCSC as part of the campus COVID-19 tracking and mitigation efforts. 

When requesting a COVID-19 Test Kit code, please allow 5 business days for delivery and two days for test results. Please use your email account when requesting and activating your test kit code.

The completed COVID-19 test can be dropped off at FedEx during the week only;, as long as it is before that location's cut-off for outgoing shipments.  Tests cannot be dropped off on Saturday or Sunday.

If you are a student or employee that is required to undergo COVID-19 testing as part of your NPI (Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention), but you do not want to use the at-home COVID-19 test kit, you must undergo your required asymptomatic COVID-19 testing on the main UCSC campus.

Request a Free COVID-19 Test Kit Code

Complete the form below and we will email you a COVID-19 Test Kit code to redeem online, your test kit will then be mailed to your home address.

For Questions

Contact or 831-459-1787.