UC WorkStrong Program


What is WorkStrong?

UC WorkStrong is a University of California systemwide program that was developed with the expertise and collaborative support of UC Occupational Health Physicians; Workers' Compensation, Wellness Professionals and Recreation Fitness Specialists.  It is designed to promote recovery and prevent future workplace injuries. Each UC campus has its own unique program to suit the needs of the employees on its campus.

Occupational health doctors will refer medically eligible faculty or staff members who have experienced a workplace injury to the WorkStrong program. WorkStrong is provided at no cost and is a comprehensive program that is designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Our goal is to provide a fun and challenging environment for education, awareness and improved health.

Frequently Asked Questions

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UCSC WorkStrong Testimonials


  • My experience was top notch. From start to end, the whole process was positive. Joshua explained the process (his role, what was expected of me, what my sessions might look like etc) so I always knew what to expect. I was free to ask questions and get clarification when needed. My trainings/workouts were tailored to me and my needs, my goals as well as my limitations. When I was working with Joshua I felt like he cared about me and my workout - I received correction when needed and he checked in with me and pain level (for my injury) every-time when met. When COVID started, my workouts continued via zoom. Joshua was stellar in creating workouts I could do from home, and with the equipment I had. It was very impressive. If you have the opportunity to participate in the WorkStrong program - take it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Hands down, would recommend, no hesitation. Thank you, WorkStrong!
  • I really enjoyed [WorkStrong]. I learned so much about my body and was able to get rid of my lower back pain. I can now create my own routine and work out without getting injured.

  • This was a life changer for me.  I feel Joshua went above and beyond to accommodate my needs and limitations.  The partnership with [the registered dietitian] was most helpful and I plan to continue seeing them outside of the WorkStrong program.

  • This program and the trainer have helped me add stretching, and exercise to my daily life with a positive and motivated trainer, it has been a lifestyle change for the better.

  • Josh was very knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging throughout the entire process, which made it exciting to go to the training sessions.

  • The WorkStrong program changed my life, I really mean that! The gift of a personal trainer for 12 weeks allowed me to learn more about the importance of working out, taking care of my body and challenging myself, too. My trainer, Joshua, was exceptional and I looked forward to our sessions, something I never would have imagined saying. It was a privilege to have so much personal attention, access to the gym, group classes and facilities. Now the gym is a less intimidating place, I am familiar with the machines and other workout equipment, I've learned how to pace myself during workouts and know how to help prevent an injury. To say thanks really isn't enough -- I'm sincerely grateful to have participated and recommend it to anyone who is eligible.

  • Joshua Strong was an awesome trainer!  He is knowledgeable, kind and aware of special needs due to physical restraints.  His enthusiasm for physical health and the program never seemed to falter. I was very excited to be part of this program.  It truly helped me to get out of my physical funk that was holding me back after my surgery. I am very grateful for my time with Joshua and this program.  Thank you!

  • I have a foot that had been injured and operated on twice. This program helped me to be more aware of my movement and [helped me keep] unnecessary stress [off] that foot.

  • Joshua is a fantastic trainer, taking you through your own pace and listening to needs (I wanted exercises I can do at home). He is very encouraging.


Questions? Contact:

Joshua Strong, Kinesiology, B.S., NSCA-CPT
WorkStrong Coordinator
831-459-3113, jcstrong@ucsc.edu
Office of Risk Services