Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation is a state mandated benefit for employees with work-related injuries and illnesses. Sedgwick is contracted as Third Party Administrator (TPA) to oversee and manage the UC Workers’ Compensation program and benefits, in accordance with current California statutory requirements. UCSC Risk Services works with Sedgwick to facilitate handling of work related incidents.

Review Injury Reporting & Medical Treatment and Critical Events and Timeliness to find out what to do and what to expect during the course of a work related injury. For medical emergencies, the first priority is getting medical care for the injured employee; after the injured employee's immediate medical needs have been addressed, call Risk Services for assistance with the Employer's First Report of Injury (EFR). If an employee is seriously injured, or is hospitalized for any reason, contact Environmental Health & Safety as soon as possible after calling 911, at 831-459-2553.

Risk Services also facilitates Transitional Return to Work Assignments for eligible employees who are temporarily unable to perform their usual and customary job duties due to work-related injury. 

Be sure to review information about how Workers' Compensation Temporary Disability and UC Workers' Compensation Supplemental Benefits affect pay