Faculty & Staff Wellness Program

UC Santa Cruz Faculty and Staff Wellness Program is here to support you on your wellness journey. Faculty and staff can participate in a wide range of health and wellness programs designed to help you be healthy and stay motivated. We are dedicated to creating a positive, impactful, thriving culture of health and well-being throughout campus.

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Our Mission is to provide UC Santa Cruz faculty and staff with a comprehensive, integrated health and wellness program that supports healthy, engaged employees and a productive work environment. 

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a way of life. It is not just about the lack of disease; rather, it involves a balance of daily practices and lifestyle behaviors that address the body, mind and spirit.

Wellness soup ingredients

You can think of wellness as a soup with many ingredients. In order to have a nourishing soup, ingredients need to be added to the broth and cooked together. If your soup is missing essential ingredients, it might not be as fulfilling. In terms of wellness, each “ingredient” represents a different component of your health; nutrition, physical activity, quality of sleep, stress management, and spirituality. As you “Cruz your way to wellness,” your goal is to find the right balance of each of these so you feel your best and experience the highest quality of life possible.


Health Education Classes

Beginning in early 2017, health education classes will be offered to faculty and staff. Classes will either be stand-alone or part of a series.

Lunch ‘n Learns

Are you interested in learning about a health-related topic while you enjoy your lunch with your coworkers? Contact Cindy Delgado to arrange your Lunch ‘n Learn today! Examples of topics include:

  • “Healthy Eating for Busy People”
  • “Beat the Sugar Blues”
  • “Heart Health - eating for a strong Heart”
  • “The link between Sleep and Wellness”

Weight Watchers Health Solutions for the Workplace

Weight Watchers Health Solutions for the Workplace is now at UC Santa Cruz!  Join us on Monday's for the 12 week session.  For additional information regarding faculty and staff rate and program specifics, please contact Cindy Delgado.

Monday April 10, 2017 - July 24, 2017, 12:30 – 1:15 P.M.
Cervantes & Velasquez Conference Room at Bay Tree Conference Center

UC Walks Day -  Wednesday, May 17, 2017

UC Walks is a systemwide UC Living Well program that is coordinated by the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program at each campus.  Held in May, UC Walks promotes wellness and an active lifestyle by encouraging faculty, staff, and retirees to take just 30 minutes out of their day to walk.

Pledge to walk for 30 minutes on Wednesday, May 17th during the work-day and join thousands of other faculty, staff and retirees from all the other University of California campuses across California as we all walk for our health and wellness, at the same time

UC Walks 2017 participants please pickup your FREE UC Walks T-shirt, while supplies last at the Staff Appreciation Picnic on Thursday, May 25th.  Enter the raffle to win a FitBit ant other prizes!  For more information please contact cadelgad@ucsc.edu.

UC Walks 2016 video link:

Program Contact Information

Faculty and Staff Wellness Program is located in the Office of Risk Services in Barn H.
Cindy Delgado

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