Be Smart About Safety

Submit a BSAS Funding Proposal

Funding to increase safety awareness and reduce or prevent injury or illness.

The goal of the Be Smart About Safety (BSAS) Program is to increase awareness and reduce or prevent injury or illness by providing a funding mechanism for loss prevention and loss control programs.

What is Be Smart About Safety (BSAS)?

Each year, Office of the President Risk Services budgets a small amount of its total budget allocation to fund proactive Loss Prevention and Loss Control projects.  This funding is intended for projects specific to the purpose of reducing the frequency and/or severity of potential loss in the areas of workers’ compensation, general liability, employment, auto and property programs.

The UC Santa Cruz Be Smart About Safety (BSAS) review committee reviews and recommends department proposals for approval and then submits the approved recommendations to UCOP for finalization.

Proposals should be submitted to Risk Services.  Campus units and departments submit the BSAS Funding Proposal to communicate their funding request internally within the campus. If the proposal is accepted by the campus, then UCSC BSAS staff will submit an application to Office of the President. Departments are encouraged to submit their BSAS applications by at least the Fall quarter. Please contact Risk Services if you have any questions or need assistance.

All approved BSAS applications require a financial transaction report of work completed prior to reimbursement, including, as applicable, detailed descriptions of CruzFix Work Orders and itemized purchase order invoices, per BSAS Program protocols.

Past BSAS Projects

  • Campus Safety Ambassador Program
  • Data Security Development 
  • Biomolecular Cryo-EM Power Reliability
  • Campus Tree Health Inventory
  • Thimann Stockroom Loading Dock Safety
  • Traffic Signalization Analysis
  • Ultrasonic Inspection System
  • Campus Exterior Pathway Lighting
  • Road Safety Signage
  • Venue Safety Signage
  • Campus AED Coverage Expansion
  • Radio Repeater Network 
  • Empire Cave Gate

Applying for a Funding Proposal

The BSAS Funding Proposal must include the following:

  • Describe proposal to be funded by BSAS.
    • What is the liability to be addressed.?
    • How will this request reduce or mitigate losses?
    • How is this issue currently being addressed?
    • Description, scope of proposal
  • Attach any additional supporting information.
    • Including but not limited to assessments, pictures, referenced documents and reports
  • Funding requested.
    • What is the total cost of the proposal?
    • When are the funds expected to be used?

2023-24 General Key Dates and Timeline

  • August - October 2023: New proposals are accepted
  • November - December 2023: BSAS Committee reviews proposals
  • January 2024: UCOP authorizes and disburses proposals

For more informaton about BSAS or to discuss project proposals, please contact Risk Services at (831) 459-1787.