About Risk Services

The Risk Services offices are located in Barn H, one of the historic buildings at the base of campus.

Risk Services is administratively located within the Business and Administrative Services (BAS) division and is one of five units that comprise the Risk and Safety Services area. Risk Services supports the campus by helping to identify risk exposures, recommending strategies to reduce or eliminate identified risks, and administering the campus's insurance programs in a variety of ways.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
ERM is a strategic approach that seeks to manage risk to create greater financial stability and help the university achieve its mission. To this end, we facilitate implementation of campus and system-wide initiatives and gather information to inform institutional risk awareness. Additionally, we serve on campus and system-wide committees dedicated to understanding and addressing various risks.

Loss Prevention
Risk Services, with Environmental Health and Safety, co-leads the Safety Wellness and Injury Management (SWIM) team. By working collaboratively across units and disciplines, the SWIM team takes advantage of different perspectives to better analyze risk and develop prevention strategies. Risk Services also manages the Be Smart About Safety (BSAS) program that provides funding to support innovation in loss prevention. We also provide claims data and work with units on campus to improve their incident rates and loss control measures.

Insurance Programs
Risk Services administers the university’s insurance programs. The programs include workers’ compensation, general liability, property and auto as well as other specialized insurance programs. We also facilitate coverage for students, foundation and friends groups, vendors and event holders through the specially developed CampusConnexions insurance programs.

Risk Services works closely with campus units, employees and the university’s third party claims administrators throughout the claims process for all programs of insurance. As part of workers’ compensation claims services, we facilitate the provision of medical care and the development of transitional work assignments for work-injured employees.

Because we get inquiries from across the campus and across the system, we may be able to provide a different perspective on a proposed undertaking. If we don’t have the subject matter expertise to help you directly, we may know of the resource that has the expertise you need. We can provide risk assessment tools for the evaluation of new undertakings or ongoing operations.