Risk Assessment

Risk management is not just risk avoidance. Risk Services encourages consideration of both positive and negative outcomes when assessing risk. Risk assessments can vary in complexity.  Different assessment tools will be more or less suitable based on the activity under consideration.

Guided Risk Assessment
Designed to give a step-by-step process for assessing risk. Each step within the process can be simple or complex depending upon the scope of the undertaking. 

Activity or Event Risk Assessment - Questionnaire
Designed to facilitate review of common types of events or activities that commonly occur on campus. Use the form to guide the risk assessment within the division or unit considering the activity or use the form to request input from UCSC Risk Services after your division or unit has vetted the activity internally.

UC Office of the President, Risk Services - Risk Assessment Toolbox
The toolbox offers more complex and structured risk assessment tools utilizing Excel spreadsheets to guide the user through in-depth risk assessments.