Return to Work/Stay at Work Program

The University of California Santa Cruz provides occupationally injured employees temporary modified work, as applicable, when they are temporarily restricted from performing the regular duties of their work by their workers' compensation medical treatment provider. The modified work arrangements are referred to as Transitional Work Assignments (TWA's).  The modified assignments are discussed collaboratively between the employee, their supervisor and the UCSC Workers' Compensation office through an interactive process to explore temporary accommodation options. 

Provision of transitional work is beneficial to both the employee and their department.  Transitional Work Assignments allow employees to continue to be able to work at their regular rate of pay and the employee's department continues to be able to depend on the availability of the employee to perform the necessary and essential work of the University. Studies have shown that employees often recover quicker from the effects of their injury when participating in a transitional modified work capacity.

For Questions

Contact Cindy Delgado at or 831-459-1787.