UC Office of the President Risk Services provides systemwide programs of insurance. Most insurance for university property and activities is automatic - requiring no action to be insured. Sometimes advance approval or notice is required. For certain types of insurance UCSC Risk Services works with campus units when action is required to be insured or to maintain coverage. 

Campus Connexions can help students, vendors and contractors, foundation and support groups, sports clubs, students, faculty and staff to obtain insurance.

Start with a contracting office for a Certificate of Self-Insurance Coverage or review UC Insurance Requirements for contractors and events.

Consider Equipment Maintenance Insurance for electronic equipment at a cost savings of approximately 25% over service contracts.

If an incident or loss has occurred, see Claims for assistance. 

The University of California recommends that students consider purchasing Renters Insurance and Tuition Refund Insurance. This insurance is not mandatory and may be purchased from any source. As a service, the university has arranged for students to shop for coverage directly by going to Campus Connexions.