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Office of President Risk Services is responsible for the management of systemwide risk management programs including the placement of insurance. The UC Insurance Programs webpage has general information about the university's programs of insurance. 

Insurance is not always automatic. Find out how to get insurance.

Insurance Requirements and Exceptions
Evidence of UC Insurance / UC Certificate of Self-Insurance Coverage  
The available Certificates of Self-Insurance Coverage are posted on this webpage under "Related Resources". 

The university's insurance includes the following provision: "Additional Covered Party - as required by written contract or agreement with respect to general liability and automobile liability". There is no need to request a unique certificate to obtain additional covered party status.

If the other party rejects the evidence of coverage posted online, then campus units can request a unique certificate.

  • The request for a unique certificate of insurance must be accompanied by an agreement with the party requesting the certificate of insurance. The agreement must include the requirement that the university present a certificate of insurance to the other party. 
  • Risk Services will need to review the agreement prior to the issuance of a unique certificate of insurance.
  • Turn around time depends on the complexity of the agreement. It usually takes a minimum of 3 business days to issue a unique certificate. If the agreement includes indemnification or insurance terms that the university cannot comply with, then the agreement will need to be modified prior to the issuance of the certificate of insurance. 
  • Certificates are not issued on campus holidays, weekends or over winter curtailment.
  • Send the request to and attach a copy of the entire agreement with the other party.  
Insurance Rates

See Composite Benefit Rates or GAEL for information about insurance rates.


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