Volunteer Program

Workers’ Compensation and Volunteers

Every volunteer must sign the following waiver and have it on file with the supervising unit before beginning volunteer service.  The supervising unit must retain the signed waiver for five years beyond the end of the term of volunteer service. 

  1. The recommended waiver for all UCSC volunteers is the Volunteer Waiver and Election of Workers’ Compensation Coverage; the volunteer is both electing workers' compensation and waiving other remedies. Once the waiver is completed, please return it to the Risk Services Office.
  2. For a volunteer to be eligible for the election of workers' compensation, the person cannot be providing volunteer services related to their employment duties, their education or degree requirements, nor receiving compensation or funding. 
  3. The original completed Volunteer Waiver and Election of Workers' Compensation Coverage form is retained by the Volunteer's Department, one copy to the Volunteer and one copy to Risk Services.
  4. For additional information regarding minors, see the Minors link.
  5. For additional information regarding volunteers, see the SHR link
  6. For questions about volunteers please contact cadelgad@ucsc.edu or 831-459-1787. 

UC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Policy regarding Volunteers

The purpose of this policy is to facilitate protection of the health and safety of the University community, including its patients as well as its students, trainees, personnel and all others who work, live, and/or learn in any of the University's locations or otherwise participate in person in University Programs.  To access the detailed policy information, click here: https://policy.ucop.edu/doc/5000695/SARS-Cov-2 

Please indicate your compliance with the UC COVID Vaccination Program Policy by providing attestation in the Volunteer Waiver and Election of Workers’ Compensation Coverage form.  If you are not in compliance with the UC COVID Vaccination Program Policy then you may not volunteer on-site at a UCSC owned or leased property.  


Prior to offering volunteer opportunities to international scholars/visitors, please consult with your department or division. 

For Questions

Contact: Cindy Delgado, cadelgad@ucsc.edu or 831-459-1787.