The university has arranged for employees and students traveling on official university business to be covered for a wide variety of accidents and incidents while away from the campus or primary workplace at no cost to the traveler or their unit. Key benefits of the travel program include the UC Trip Planner, travel alerts and emergency medical services, emergency travel services, information services and security evaluation services. Manage Risk has additional travel resources.

Register Your Trip

If travel reservations are made by an agency outside the Connexxus Travel program, or Southwest Air for Connexxus (Southwest) then trip registration is required for University related trips out of state and to foreign countries. Upon registration, the UC traveler should be provided with information to use in an emergency. Click here to register your trip at UC Away.

Activate Your Account

After registration, a welcome email from will be sent to the traveler with a link to activate their account and provide emergency contact information. After the account is initially activated, travelers can access their account at to update their emergency contact information, review their trips, access location information, travel tips and more.

Office of the President’s website has information relating to:

  • General trip insurance information
  • Employee resources & claims
  • Student resources & claims
  • Travel assistance actually provided to UC
  • Travel assessments
  • Other travel-related resources
  • UC Personal Travel Program - available for purchase by UC faculty, staff, students and retirees for their personal travel