Address, Directions & Parking

Mailing Address

1156 High Street
Mailstop: Risk and Safety Services
Santa Cruz, CA  95064

Physical Location

H Barn at the base of the main campus on Ox Team Road. See the Campus Map (lower right corner of the map). H Barn has a West Side and an East Side. Each side has a separate entrance. The two sides are not connected.
  • West Side - The Risk Services Conference Room, Workers' Compensation, Return to Work, Ergonomics, Safety, Wellness are located here. The West Side is closest to the 10 minute parking and Coolidge Drive. Take the path running along the right side of the barn to the entrance located in the back south-west corner of the barn.
  • East Side - Administration is located here. Take the pedestrian ramp located on the front left side of the loading dock to the door labeled Risk Services Administration. 


Directions to Santa Cruz, then from the main campus entrance at the intersection of High and Bay Streets
  • proceed uphill along Coolidge Drive; 
  • turn right at the first traffic light onto Carriage House Drive;
  • turn right immediately onto Ox Team Road;
  • H Barn is the white barn at the end of Ox Team Road.

The closest bus stop is the Lower Campus stop, located near the intersection of Coolidge Drive and Ranch View Road/Carriage House Drive.


  • Free 10 minute spaces are available in front of the H Barn.
  • Parking permits are required for parking longer than 10 minutes. Parking permits can be purchased at the Information Kiosk on lower Coolidge Drive or the Transportation and Parking Sales Office, which is also located in H Barn. 
  • Parking Lot 116 is located immediately to the left when you turn onto Carriage House Drive and provides convenient parking for longer visits to the Risk Services Office. There is an accessible (DMV placard required) parking space immediately outside H Barn. 

map of lower campus