COVID-19 & Travel

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Updated October 5, 2021

Information for Travelers

Employees and students should follow the travel guidelines and restrictions laid out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC recommends delaying travel until vaccinated. The campus does not have additional COVID-19 restrictions for business travel. 

  1. All travelers should review CDC Guidance.
  2. All international travelers should review the DOS Travel Advisories related to their destination(s) prior to making travel plans. 
  3. For international travel that involves carrying out field work, travelers are required to fill out the EH&S Field Safety Plan and COVID-19 Research Travel Checklist. See the Office of Research website for more information.
  4. Register your business travel and personal travel.
    • Update your contact and emergency contact information. After registration of your trip, a welcome email will be sent to you. The email will include your insurance ID card and a link to activate your account or login to your existing account. Make sure that you update your contact information and emergency contact information. 

After travel

Assistance during travel

  • If you need assistance due to sickness, including COVID-19, while traveling internationally, call UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Global Assistance. You can also call for help if you need emergency travel or security evacuation services. Your travel insurance card has all the information that you need:
    • UHC Global Assistance
    • 1-410-453-6330 (From outside the U.S.)
    • 1-800-527-0218 (From U.S. and Canada)
    • If you cannot call, then email
    • Please reference your policy number and UHCG ID number when making a call.
      • Faculty and Staff Business Travel Accident
        ADD N04223810 - UHCG ID Number 363381
      • Student Off-Campus Accident
        ADD N04223822 - UHCG ID Number 363391  
  • Learn more about travel benefits - Business Travel Benefits Summary Effective and Student Off Campus Benefit Summary Effective.
  • The pandemic is no longer considered an unforeseen event as relates to Trip Interruption/Cancellation coverage. This coverage will no longer apply to interruptions or cancellations resulting from the pandemic.  

Reimbursement and insurance

Travel information and resources as relates to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Risk Services
UC Office of the President
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
U.S. Department of State