Insurance Exception Requests

About UC insurance requirements for suppliers
  • BFB-BUS-63: Insurance Requirements and Certificates of Insurance is the policy that governs supplier insurance requirements. (The link takes you to a search page. Search for BUS-63.)
  • From BUS-63 
    • This policy establishes the required insurance provisions to be included in contracts between Contractors/External Users and the University. These requirements must be included in the contract as a contractual obligation that must be complied with by the Contractor/External User before commencing work, providing goods, or using University facilities.
    • Contractors: Independent contractors, consultants, vendors, or other service providers providing goods or services under a contract, purchase order or other written agreement with the University.
  • The Supplier Insurance Requirements webpage summarizes the insurance requirements for suppliers. 
For consideration before making an insurance exception request
  • The financial consequences of using an under-insured or uninsured supplier are often difficult to anticipate. It is the recommendation of Risk Services that you go with a properly insured supplier that presents acceptable proof of insurance unless there are compelling reasons to use this supplier.  

  • CampusConnexions can help some suppliers meet the university's insurance requirements. Currently, the cost is $750 per year, for UC work only. (Price might change.) You should consider the availability of this insurance prior to asking for an exception to the university’s system-wide insurance requirements.

  • By using an uninsured supplier or an underinsured supplier, the campus organization making the purchase might be financially responsible for funding losses that would have been paid by a supplier's insurance.

How to submit an insurance exception request to Risk Services

Submit the Insurance Exception Request Form to Risk Services through CruzBuy Comments. Detailed instructions are on the Google Form. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Pressing "Submit" on the Google Form is NOT the final step for submitting the Insurance Exception Request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The information presented here is for general information only for campus units and departments. No information on this website changes the terms or conditions for a supplier. 

What are the Cyber Liability insurance requirements?
The university's cyber liability insurance requirements are contained within the UC Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Article 9 Insurance.
  • For P1 and P2, if Appendix DS* is not incorporated into the purchase order or other contracting documents, then cyber liability insurance is not required. All other insurance requirements remain unchanged.
  • For P3 and P4, cyber liability insurance is required. The data security terms and conditions are likely to be included in either Appendix DS* or other contracting documents. All other insurance requirements remain unchanged.
  • *Appendix DS in this context refers to a contracting document between UC and the supplier. Appendix DS in this context does not refer to Exhibit 1 submitted with a CruzBuy requisition for the purpose of classifying P level.
Cyber liability is one type of insurance. Other types of required insurance include general liability, auto liability, workers' compensation, professional liability, etc. The lack of a cyber liability insurance requirement does not mean that other insurance will not be required. 
Is Workers' Compensation required?
  • Workers' Compensation is required as required by applicable state law and Employer’s Liability with limits of one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence. Some suppliers might not be legally required to carry Workers' Compensation; otherwise, Workers' Compensation is required.
Is Auto Liability insurance required?
  • Auto liability is only required when supplier's vehicles will be used for purposes other than commute purposes.