About the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program

The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program resides in the UCSC Office of Risk Services and creates wellness programming for faculty and staff with the goal of reducing the incidence of illness and injury. The program was developed following a UC-wide initiative and strives to create a healthy campus community and work environment by offering integrated programs and services designed to provide tools and skills for leading healthy lifestyles and preventing injury and illness. The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program offers programming to address emotional wellbeing, nutritional wellbeing, and physical wellbeing, and partners with occupational medical providers, external resources , and health insurance providers to design workshops, activity challenges, and wellness programs to help improve the overall wellbeing of UCSC faculty and staff.

An initiative of the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program is UCSC’s Healthy Campus Network. UCSC Healthy Campus Network (HCN), which is part of the systemwide Healthy Campus Network, brings UC wide wellbeing initiatives to address the wellbeing of faculty, staff, and students. The systemwide HCN is an initiative that promotes innovative reforms in all dimensions of health and wellbeing and strives to make UC the healthiest place to work, learn, and live. UCSC’s HCN is taking an integrated and comprehensive approach to enhance the health and wellbeing of the campus community by forming partnerships with faculty, staff, students, and the surrounding community to develop, implement, and foster a culture of wellness.

Meet the Team

 jessicaprofilepicJessica Bulleri, MS, CWPM

 Campus Wellness Program Manager

 Office of Risk Services




cindyprofilepic Cindy Delgado, MBA, CPDM, IPMA-SCP

 Associate Director, Workers’ Compensation, Accommodations, Risk and Occupational   Wellness Programs

 Office of Risk Services


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