UC Living Well - Systemwide Wellness Initiative

UC Living Well is a systemwide initiative coordinated by the University of California Office of the President.  The goal of the initiative is to encourage faculty and staff to lead a healthy lifestyle and to access the wellness activities and resources offered through the faculty and staff wellness program at each UC campus in order to create a culture of wellness throughout the University of California system.  For additional information about UC Office of the President UC Living Well initiative visit the UC Office of the President wellness initiative website at this link.

It includes:

  • Campus wellness program and resources
  • Wellness programs and support from UC benefit providers
  • Tobacco cessation resources from UC medical plans

UC Living Well - UC Santa Cruz Faculty & Staff Wellness Program

The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program at UC Santa Cruz provides health education promotion workshops including; behavioral health, healthy lifestyle, heart health, nutrition, and financial health.  The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program provides resources and tools that help build a healthy workplace culture. 

The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program also includes health wellness challenges, wellness events, and coming soon- walking programs!  Please visit our Current & Upcoming Events page for a calendar of events.

To receive information about the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program you can also click on the subscribe to the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program newsletter link.

Program Contact Information

Faculty & Staff Wellness Program is located in the Office of Risk Services in Barn H.
Jessica Bulleri