UC Moves

2022 UC Moves Challenge

May 6th - May 27th

Represent UCSC in the 2022 UC systemwide movement and activity challenge! The goal of the challenge is to move 5,000 steps/day during this interactive app-based challenge.

Registration is now open!

Visit UCMoves.walkertracker.com then select 'Register Now' to create a new Walker Tracker account. Select a username and password using an email account not currently registered with any other Walker Tracker challenge. Choose UC Santa Cruz as your location and then select UC Santa Cruz team to join, or you can create your own team. For a video tutorial on signing up for Walker Tracker, click here. Once registered, download the Walker Tracker application on your smartphone (iOS/Android) and sync your smartphone or preferred smart device with the Walker Tracker application.

Space is limited, so register here now! 

For any questions, please reach out to Jessica Bulleri, Campus Wellness Program Manager in the Office of Risk Services, at jbulleri@ucsc.edu.