Auto Insurance

University of California Office of Risk Services and Auto Insurance Program

The University's Automobile Self Insurance Program provides Auto Liability and Physical Damage coverage for University personnel in the course and scope of their employment while driving vehicles owned or leased by the University. In the event of a covered loss, the deductible for damage to the university vehicle is $500. BUS-46, Use of University Vehicles established the basic guidelines governing the use of university vehicles. 

Auto claims should be reported within 24 hours of any incident or accident by the driver. In the case of parked vehicles (hit and run, vandalism and theft), the employee primarily responsible for the vehicle is responsible for reporting the claim. Also report claims involving university vehicles to Fleet Services at 831-459-2228. 

Rental Vehicles
Only rent vehicles using UC system-wide rental agreements. Negotiated rates for these rental vehicles include the cost of the insurance. In the event of a covered loss involving a rental vehicle that was rented using a UC system-wide rental agreement, the deductible for damage to the rental vehicle is $0. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age. Reserve rentals through the Connexxus portal. See the UCSC Travel Guide for more details.

Personal Vehicles
The university does not insure employee's personal vehicles when driven for university business. For damage to property or injury to people (liability), the owner's personal insurance is primary. G-28, Travel Reimbursement is the university policy that contains information about the use of personal vehicles on university business including information about the minimum liability insurance coverage for personal vehicles while being used on university business.

Need Help?

If you have any questions contact or call us at 831-459-1458 or 831-459-5154. If you want to know how auto premium is currently charged, see Office of Planning and Budget, UCPath Composite Benefit Rates Assessment, or go directly to the webpage about GAEL