Auto Insurance

University Vehicles
The university's self-insurance program covers all university-owned vehicles. In the event of a covered loss, the deductible for damage to the university vehicle is $500.
BUS-46, Use of University Vehicles is the university policy about appropriate use of university vehicles and includes information about who can drive a university vehicle.

Rental Vehicles
Rent vehicles using only UC system-wide rental agreements. Negotiated rates for these rental vehicles include the cost of the insurance. In the event of a covered loss involving a rental vehicle that was rented using a UC system-wide rental agreement, the deductible for damage to the rental vehicle is $0. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age. 

Reserve rentals through the Connexxus portal by selecting an agency or online booking tool in the Booking Options section. If booking outside of the Connexxus portal ALWAYS reference your Location ID(CDP ID)# when making a reservation to ensure proper insurance coverage. Review the UCSC Travel Guide for more details.

Personal Vehicles
The university does not insure vehicles not owned by the university - even when driven for university business; this includes employee's personal vehicles. For damage to property or injury to people (liability coverage), the owner's personal insurance is primary. 
G-28, Travel Reimbursement is the university policy that contains information about the use of personal vehicles on university business including information about the minimum liability insurance coverage for personal vehicles while being used on university business.

Premium is charged annually for every vehicle that is owned by a unit as of July 1. The charge appears by way of journal entry to the department later in the fiscal year; the timing varies slightly every year. Every unit that owns vehicles reviews their vehicle list annually for accuracy and to provide the funding information for the insurance premium charges. Charges vary from year to year and are determined by Office of the President Risk Services based on actuarial review. There are no charges for vehicles added during the fiscal year until the next fiscal year. Conversely, there are no refunds for vehicles that are disposed of during the fiscal year. Units are encouraged to surplus any unwanted vehicles prior to July 1 to avoid insurance charges. 

Auto claims need to be reported to Sedgwick, the university's Third Party Administrator for claims at 800-416-4029 within 24 hours of any incident or accident. The driver of a vehicle is responsible for reporting all incidents or accidents. In the case of parked vehicles (hit and run, vandalism and theft), the employee primarily responsible for the vehicle is responsible for reporting the claim. Also report claims involving university vehicles to Fleet Services at 831-459-2228. 

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