Fine Art Insurance

This insurance is not automatic. To have fine art insurance coverage, you must specifically request coverage prior to any loss. This process is called "scheduling" - see below. To be eligible for fine art insurance coverage, the fine art must be owned by the university or on loan to the university with an agreement for the university to insure the artwork.

  • Scheduling Fine Art – Permanent Collection - fine art can be scheduled, taken off the schedule or updated by submitting the Fine Art Insurance Request form.
  • Scheduling Fine Art – Temporary Exhibits/Fine Art Not Owned by UC - any unit receiving fine art on loan can use the Fine Art Loan Agreement and Request for Fine Art Insurance to enter into an agreement with the lender to provide insurance. For a lender to have coverage under the university's programs of insurance (including the fine art insurance coverage), there must be an agreement in place prior to the loss that creates the duty for the university to provide insurance for the non-owned art. In the event of a loss, the unit in receipt of the art will be asked to produce the agreement as part of the claims process.
  • Valuing Fine Art - use current market value; if a covered loss occurs, payment is based on current market value. Any information including photographs and appraisals that support the current market value will be helpful in establishing the current market value of the fine art.
  • Deductible - $1,000 per occurrence except earthquakes and outdoor sculpture & $10,000 per occurrence for earthquakes and outdoor sculpture (each and every loss)
  • Claim Submittal - fill out the claim form as soon as possible and no later than 60 days after the loss. Forward the claim form to Risk Services. Risk Services will record the claim then submit the form to the insurance company for you. Delay in submitting a claim to Risk Services could affect coverage.  
  • Reporting - every quarter each unit that has fine art scheduled will receive a request to review their artwork and make any changes.
  • Premium - there are no charges to the units for fine art coverage.