Campers Insurance

Departments offering day or overnight programs (including camps) should consider purchasing campers insurance or special risk accident insurance. Campers insurance typically includes accident medical expense benefits for covered accidents. Additional coverage for eligible expenses resulting directly from a participant's emergency illness for covered accidents may also be purchased. 

How to Purchase Campers Insurance

  • Go to the UC Statewide Audit Form to apply for campers insurance
  • Fill in the form - 
    • Follow the online instructions
    • After completing the form, print a copy before you submit it - you will not be able to print the form after you submit it
  • Payment for the insurance is made by check. Procurement is done directly by the unit obtaining the insurance. Start by submitting a CruzBuy Purchase Requisition through Procurement Services. Please be sure to enter the vendor as Consolidated Program Insurance Services  (banner number 84910). If you need assistance, contact your Procurement Team.
  • Mail a copy of the form with the check payable to Consolidated Program Insurance Services, 77 Mark Drive, Suite 26, San Rafael, CA 94903 in order to bind coverage


  • To submit a claim, complete the Claim Form. For claim questions call 800-328-1114.
  • Let Risk Services know that you have submitted a claim by emailing us at or calling us at 831-459-1458 or 831-459-5154.


If you have any questions contact or call us at 831-459-1458 or 831-459-5154.