Campers Insurance

UCSC Risk Services recommends that units purchase Campers Insurance when offering day programs and/or camps. Campers Insurance covers injury and/or accidents. As an addition to Campers Insurance, Sickness Coverage is available if the program and/or camp is 48 hours or more in duration; there is an additional premium for this coverage. Sickness Coverage provides insurance for illness - for example, flu or food poisoning. Campers Insurance and Sickness Coverage are excess to other insurance. 

Examples of Programs Eligible for Coverage 

  • Day program or camp of a single day
  • Day program or camp involving multiple days but no overnight stay
  • Program or camp involving multiple days and overnight stay(s)
  • Other similar insurance policies can also be purchased for participants older than 19

How to Purchase Campers Insurance

  • Review the Blanket Participant Accident Insurance Summary for a brief description of the benefits and features of the coverage
  • Go to the UC Statewide Audit Form to apply for campers insurance
  • Fill in the form - 
    • Follow the online instructions
    • After completing the form, print a copy before you submit it - you will not be able to print the form after you submit it
  • Payment for the insurance is made by check. Procurement is done directly by the unit obtaining the insurance. Start by submitting a CruzBuy Purchase Requisition through Procurement Services. Please be sure to enter the vendor as Consolidated Program Insurance Services  (banner number 84910). If you need assistance, contact your Procurement Team.
  • Mail a copy of the form with the check payable to Consolidated Program Insurance Services, 77 Mark Drive, Suite 26, San Rafael, CA 94903 in order to bind coverage

How to File a Campers Insurance Claim