Marine Insurance for Boats

Insurance for boats is not automatic  
  • To get insurance coverage for boats, you must specifically request coverage prior to any loss. Use the Boat Insurance Request to request coverage.
  • Historically, this program covers damage to boats/vessels, trailers (when used to transport boats or when stored for that purpose), and engines; boat valuation has been based on "like kind and quality" (not "new"). Coverage is subject to the current insurance policy terms and conditions.
  • Units do not pay a premium for insurance for smaller boats. Premium is charged for major vessels. 
  • Get information about the insurance deductibles.
Some situations in which there might be no coverage, even for a scheduled boat
  • Boats are borrowed or lent and there is no written agreement in place (or no insurance clause within a written agreement). 
  • University owned boats are not in the care, custody or control of the university, then the other party will likely need to insure the boat.
To file a claim

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