Charterers Legal Liability Insurance

Charterers Legal Liability Insurance provides liability coverage when the university charters a non-owned boat. This coverage is not automatic and the campus must provide notice to the insurance company to have coverage. There are insurance policy exclusions related to geographical areas and other risk control considerations.

If you are undertaking a boat charter, please submit the Boat Charter Questionnaire to Risk Services as you begin planning the charter. 

Risk Services requests advance notice of all boat charter; to have insurance coverage, we must receive notice of charters no later than:

  • For charters initiating from January to March - April 1
  • For charters initiating from April to June - July 1
  • For charters initiating from July to September - October 1
  • For charters initiating from October to December - January 1

To report a boat charter, complete the Boat Charter Reporting Form.

If you have any questions contact