Mexican Auto Insurance

When using a university vehicle in Mexico, you must purchase a Mexican Auto Insurance Policy; this is required by the Mexican law. 

Request for Mexican Auto Insurance Process - Allow at least 10 Business Days 

  • The unit undertaking the trip completes, approves and signs the Request for Mexican Automobile Insurance form - list all vehicles, trailers and boats 
  • Submit the completed form to UCSC Risk Services
  • UCSC Risk Services will forward the approved form to MacAfee & Edwards
  • UCSC Risk Services will also prepare an Authorization to Drive UC Vehicle in Mexico letter and forward it to the unit
  • MacAfee & Edwards will prepare the insurance policy and forward the insurance policy and invoice to the unit
  • The unit is responsible for paying the invoice directly to MacAfee & Edwards; acceptable methods of payment include the Travel Card, a personal credit card (to be reimbursed) or by Direct Payment (follow the link and look under "Payments & Reimbursements" for the Direct Payment form). 
  • Employees must carry the Mexican Auto Insurance Policy and the Authorization to Drive UC Vehicle in Mexico letter in the vehicle while traveling in Mexico.  Also carry proof of registration for all vehicles, trailers and boats. (Fleet Services can provide duplicate proof of registration if needed.)

If you have any questions contact or call us at 831-459-1458 or 831-459-5154.